We are a UK based organisation, involved in sourcing for our clients worldwide.  

We are always looking to develop new markets for our suppliers and save money through reduced procurement costs for our customers, so if you are a manufacturer involved in medical products, looking to develop markets in Africa and Western Europe, please get in touch. 

On the other hand, if you are an importer who wants to shave product costs, please get in touch and give us a chance to offer you world class products at the most competitive rates.


Working with Tradewings Worldwide offers you distinct advantages


  •   Whole of Market advantage ...

We are on your side.  Rather than source from a single company, let us do the sourcing for you.  We regularly maintain contacts with various manufacturers and aim to deliver your needs in a cost efficient and timely manner


  • Bespoke Product Development 

If you are looking to develop specific products, from prototyping to sampling to commercial production, we can take care of end to end processing.

  • Exclusive Representation

Tradewings can offer to represent your products exclusively in certain markets and help you penetrate and develop the market to mutual advantage

At present our website does not offer online order functionality, but you can browse our catalogue of products.  All our products confirm to international standards such as CE and ISO and we ensure that our suppliers adhere to stringent quality control practices ensuring complete peace of mind when we source for your needs.

Our product catalogue does not cover everything and if there is anything not included in our catalogue and you need the product, why not inquire, in most cases we are confident that we can source for you in a cost effective and timely manner.