Baby Incubator

Baby Incubator
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 High Specification Baby Incubator incorporating the following features :

  • Microprocessor based servo controlled temperature system
  • Temperature displayed by LED
  • Alarm functions: Power failure; over temperature; temperature deviation; temperature sensor failure; fan failure;   
  • >37℃ temperature setting
  • A keypad lock prevent inadvertent changes the setting
  • A second thermal cut-off function for more safety
  • Humidity is adjustable in two grades
  • Heating power displayed on panel
  • The infant bed inclination angle is adjustable
  • Trough for pulling and pushing, which is convenient to add  water and wash
  • Fan with low noise and long life-span
  • Temperature deviation and over temperature could be amended in front panel directly
  • Silence/reset button for alarms
  • Six operating windows,two sides access operating windows can be swiveled
  • Support bracket
  • Heater is electrically cut-out if air temperature inside incubator exceed 40℃

Main body(including the transparent hood, control system,infant bed,water trough),I.V.pole, mattress, support bracket, castors.

Optional parts:

  • Phototherapy up side unit; phototherapy from up and down sides; RS232(485)conncector
  • Tray/pole
  • Infant bed pulled from side door
  • Infant bed pulled from side and front door
  • Double wall hood.


  • Power supply : AC110/220V  60/50Hz
  • Power input :  ≤420VA
  • Environment temperature: 20℃~30℃
  • Environment relative humidity: 30%~75%RH
  • Environment air velocity of flow: <0.3m/s
  • Air Temperature control range: 25℃~38℃
  • Temperature fluctuation: +0.5℃
  • Uniformity of mattress temperature: ≤0.8℃
  • Humidity accuracy: ≤10%RH
  • Warm-up time: ≤45min
  • Internal noise level: ≤55dB
  • Infant bed tilt angle : +10º
  • Mattress size: 65cm(L)×37cm(W)
  • Trough capacity: 1200ml
  • Air filter: 0.5um 
Incubators are available to meet our specifications as well so incase you have any seperate specifications, please inquire with us and we will be happy to assist.